Sugar & Spice?

My Grandaddy used to always say “Little girls are made up of sugar and spice and everything nice”.


Fuck that.


Girls can be made of anything. Sweat, mud, glitter, fingerpaints, icing, grease.

Girs are strong and tough. We throw punches and fight hard.

Girls are powerful. We run businesses and make decisions.

GIrls are smart. We cure diseases and solve problems.


I hate when someone refers to me as “sweet”. It doesn’t happen often, thank God. Not that there is anything wrong with being sweet. I know some very sweet girls and I am thankful to have their kind words and thoughtful actions in my life. But I don’t want the first word someone uses to describe me to be “sweet”. Simply because I identify more with being a hard worker, authentic, or unapologetic. Sure, I can be sweet if I really put some serious effort into it and really really like a person.

Like, really really.

But it’s not a defining characteristic of my personality. It’s also easy to describe girls as being sweet when we haven’t gotten to know them or paid attention to what other positive attributes they bring. Calling a girl sweet is an easy way to compliment her without putting in much effort.

So let’s dig deeper than girls being “made of sugar and spice and everything nice” and see what it is that makes HER. Because even though we can be sweet as honey, we can be just as much firey, loud and rowdy.

And all of it is glorious.


Amy Larwig