Life is Hard, sister.

Life is hard. Most of us have faced obstacles that seemed so overwhelming, we didn’t think we would get through them.

Two weeks after I had my son, I sat on the couch with my husband and said “I’ve been sitting on this couch with you for two weeks and I’ve never missed you so much.” We would spend the next 18 months struggling to hold our marriage together as we juggled running a business, caring for a challenging baby, and figuring out how to reconnect on topics that didn’t include poop. It all hit a dead end when my husband and child both got sick and I was drowning in anxiety so badly that I couldn’t take care of them. I felt like a failure. They needed me, but I was so tapped out I was unable to be there for them. They felt abandoned, which of course tore me into pieces. I looked out at my life and thought “How in the world am I going to pull out of this?” It just didn’t seem possible. It took a diagnosis of OCD, a threat to send me to inpatient treatment, medication, and therapy for me to regain my strength and start sorting through the mess that had become our life for the last 18 months. Over two years later, my marriage has been repaired and we’ve been able to implement strategies to keep our family from becoming overwhelmed in times of discomfort.

Life is hard. Everyone faces moments that seem impossible to break through. But we get through them. And we learn so much every time. My hope is that through the challenges you face during Girl:Redefined, you build confidence to know that you CAN. Next time you’re strugglling with your job, fighting with your partner, your kids are out of control, you feel alone and overwhelmed, remember how much power and perseverance you have. You’ve been there before, facing obstacles that appeared impossible. But you came through. You got this