Being a Girl

I love being a girl. Drinking beer and using my miter saw to cut planks of wood and build really cool furniture is one of my favorite activities. I usually have wood stain under my glitter nails and paint in my unbrushed hair tied up in a very ratty bun. If I can sneak a fart on one of my brothers, it grants me week long bragging rights. Cheeseburger and fries is my all time favorite meal. The kind of cheeseburgers that run down your wrists. I say “fuck” a lot. The only time I wear pink is in the form of some hot toddy underwear. My legs are strong because I run my ass off, pushing my 38lb kid in a stroller uphill. Gotta keep that booty swoll. I love being a girl.


I don’t relate to the words dainty or delicate. But I do feel super feminine very often. Occasionally I dress fancy and jazz up my hair and makeup and prance around like a sexy woman. It’s also easy for me to feel sexy with sawdust in my belly button, tan lines, and sweat running down my back. Because acting like a girl doesn’t mean squat diddly. Girls come in so many variations there is no description of a girl that would even come close to describing what it’s like to be us. We don’t all fit into a neat little pink box that smells like Clinique Happy and is perfectly tied up in a precious floral print ribbon. Some of us do. And that’s great! For the majority of us that don’t, we can still love our feminine tidbits and feel empowered by just being a kickass girl.


Amy Larwig